INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “A snapshot in Time” by Margaret Jang


A Snapshot in Time

To capture nature within a lens,
is to trap it in the space of time.
Presenting beauty at its best,
with gifts that are wholly aligned.

It’s a way of looking beyond what is there,
down to the finer details.
It’s a time when spirit calls to you –
when your soul and spirit prevail.

The bounty of nature is to give you joy,
in a solitude peace of mind.
For truly each flower, bug, seed or bird,
is uniquely one of a kind.

And just for a moment you have a chance,
to honour and to express.
What the universe gives so willingly,
sharing nothing but its best.

Each snapshot depicts an energy field,
each different from the last.
With waves of colour flowing into shapes,
that vibrates ever so fast.

Changes of growth through each passing day,
are captured forever more.
And there’s no denying that life evolves,
across land to the ocean shores.

When nature is snapped in a moment of time,
it creates history about the past.
Providing proof into the future,
to what has since been cast.

It’s a kaleidoscope of stunning beauty,
depicted into form and face.
Presenting a journal about the universe,
that shows spirit in a state of grace.

Margaret Jang

Posted with permission from the author

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