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Living Your Life for the Benefit of AllThe good news is that the Oneness movement is growing bigger every year, as more and more people wake up to the ultimate reality of our deeper connection to one another, the Earth and the Universe itself…

But one look at the daily news makes it clear how many people there are who still have not realized the truth and value of this deeper foundational connection, and the world, can sometimes seem more troubled than ever.

This only underscores the importance of spreading the message of Oneness in every way we can, especially when we all come together for the 2018 Global Oneness Day Summit.

The more often this message can be held, nurtured, and talked about, the more attention it will get, and the the faster we’ll be able get it into the hands of those who need to embrace it most.

By focusing on this year’s theme of “Living Your Life for the Benefit of All,” we hope to inspire greater levels of compassion and care in every word you speak and every footprint you leave behind you as your consciousness continues to expand into new and exciting places, and as you begin to live from that ecstatic place of Oneness throughout each and every day!

What Exactly is Oneness?

What Exactly is Oneness?The short explanation is that Oneness is the interconnectedness of everything that exists within the Divine energy of the Universe, or God, or Source—whatever term most resonates for you. It’s the experience of being inseparable from everyone and everything.

Just as in the joke where one fish asks another, “What’s this water thing I keep hearing about?” we are immersed in Oneness in every moment we live without being aware of it. And because our senses tell us at every turn that we are separate from the other people and objects around us, our complex brains have trouble letting go of that perception, and often, even when we say we believe in Oneness, we often don’t realize the immense scope of all Oneness implies.

The truth is that scientists working in the field of Quantum Physics have now proven that everything in existence is sourced from the same energy, making us all connected. Many mystics and philosophers of various ancient spiritual teachings have obviously been saying that for thousands of years, but Science is finally catching up!

At the core of all the main religions is something like the “Golden Rule,” which is essentially: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” The Golden Rule is the essence of Oneness. What you do to another person you are doing to another aspect of yourself. And when you can look into another’s eyes and see yourself, and see the Divine that is within everyone, you will be living in Oneness.

With the unprecedented number of human beings awakening to Oneness right now, we hope to take advantage of that momentum and bring thousands more into the fold, so we can transcend the illusion of separation, avoid global calamity, and create a world of well-being and fulfillment for everyone. A world where everyone can flourish.

What is Global Oneness Day?

What is Global Oneness Day?Global Oneness Day is exactly that—a day where every year we celebrate our interconnectedness inside the Divine energy of the Universe. A day where we celebrate our Oneness.

Just as Earth Day galvanized the movement to protect and preserve our global environment, Global Oneness Day has become a global catalyst for spiritual education and activism, and our annual Summit event is on the leading edge of the creation of a new paradigm for living in the world.

The possibility of living your life from the perspective of Oneness represents a profound new shift in humanity’s culture from one of competition to one of cooperation, compassion and caring.

In the late 1960s, the first photographs of the Earth taken from space had a powerful impact on humanity’s perception of the world.

For many of us who saw those photographs when they were first shown on television and then in magazines, it was the first time in our lives that we’d ever felt a deeper connection to everyone and everything on this beautiful blue planet we were all obviously sharing.

In the decades since then, this realization has spread and expanded, as more and more people have experienced Oneness in various ways, and seen it for what it is— the very essence of our being.

Today, Oneness is expressed through many different streams, such as religion, philosophy, indigenous traditions, art, and science…

But these streams are beginning to overflow their banks, commingling and converging to form a single stream—a universal Oneness movement.

Global Oneness Day is where that movement comes together as a community to celebrate the beauty of our diversity and the unity of our existence, and to join hands to serve humanity’s collective awakening.

Along with Global Oneness Day Summit on October 24th, there will be events all over the world in the weeks preceding the event, from cross-cultural and interfaith gatherings, singing and dancing gatherings, nature gatherings, meditation and prayer circles, and of course people will be gathering together from across the globe, at home and at work, to listen to the Summit together.

Participation is free!

Some of the guest speakers are:

Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bernie Siegel M.D., and many more!

Oneness Declaration

I declare:

1.    That the message We Are All One, interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, with God/Life/One-another, is the one spiritual message that the world has been waiting for to bring about loving and sustainable answers to humanity’s challenges.

2.    That the world does not have to be the way it is – and that individual people can change it, using the power of spiritual citizenship.

3.    That humanity is good and has unlimited potential, and that social transformation starts with personal transformation. I therefore recognize the importance of connecting with my Divine Essence and inner wisdom throughout my life’s journey; allowing the finest and the highest levels of human potential to flourish for the benefit of all.

4.    That my aspirations support spiritual principles, global ethics and universal values such as respect, justice, peace, dignity, freedom, responsibility and cooperation that underlie this declaration.

5.    That human beings need each other to survive on this planet. I recognize that we are all in this together and that community flourishes as we learn about each other and revel in the wonder and beauty of our diversities. I declare that I am playing my part to help to bring about a culture in which we, the peoples of the world, can address our common global concerns in an holistic, positive and transforming way and live together in peace with one another.

6.    That Oneness contains All of life – also the parts that we regard as the “other”. I realize that wholeness and togetherness can only be experienced through the recognition of the uniqueness, beauty and purpose of all aspects of life and that this recognition starts with my Self.

7.    That I am part of the emerging consciousness that promotes a spirit of openness, enquiry, connection and relationship with myself and the entire universe and who continues to recognize the wonder, beauty and mystery of it all.

8.    I support Global Oneness Day that has been established for all of humanity to come together each year as one human family, to discuss, celebrate and experience Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of life.

9.    That the time for change is now.

To sign the declaration:
Sign the Declaration

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  1. I love visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard. We Are All Connected. ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. So true Sheila! In Oneness, Amira ❤

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