“While the Fire Burned Brightly” by Michele from the rabbit patch diary (re-blogged)

Oh what a lovely description of nature and the beauty of Autumn! Thank you Michele for the inspiration!



 The October climate deserves a crown.  For the last few weeks, any given day could have been a post card-with bragging rights.  I watch the dawning of the day, on my drive to work.  Light changes with hues of orange, lavender and pink and all shades in-between.  Finally a golden light proclaims that a new day is born.  In the evening an equally impressive, sunset paints the sky, so beautifully, it will stop you in your tracks-such is the way of October.

The rabbit patch is carpeted with a soft layer of leaves now, and I don’t mind that.  The huge sycamore leaves do require attention more frequently as they are quite large and tend to curl upon drying.  They cause you to wade through them and so I have been in the habit of building autumn fires, where the tomatoes used to grow. The oaks do not warrant such…

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  1. So beautifully designed work of art for the month of October, Amira by Michele and such a wonderful picture too.


    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! Yes, I agree. it’s a very inspirational description of Nature in Autumn 🙂 Michele will surely enjoy your comment! ❤


      1. Yes absolutely Amira and it was awesome. Welcome dear

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  2. thank you dear-I feel s honored – and happy. This means so much to me. xoxoxo Michele


    1. It’s my pleasure Michele! Your appreciation for nature and the poetic way you have with words, painting such beautiful images, transports us when we read them to your rabbit patch, and we get to bask in the fresh air, with the sycamores, witnessing the morning service, the night skies, the burning fires, the love of family and friends, and pets, and the comforting kitchen smells of homemade cooking! It’s like taking a vacation to an enchanted world! ❤

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      1. you are so kind and encouraging-thank you sweet hearted friend. love Michele

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