POEMS: “Death Is Not A Bad Thing But A Joyous Thing” (Abraham-Hicks Quote) Poem by Trina Graves


Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems

“Death Is Not A Bad Thing
But A Joyous Thing”

Why is it we all grieve
When someone passes on?
We’re just not connected to our truth
When we believe that they are gone

We’re taught as we grow up
That physicality is all we are
Limiting our perceptions
Blocking assistance from afar

In truth we are all Spirits
Whether here or on another plane
On Earth we live our lives
For the experiences we gain

Over there time is not measured
There are no limits to believe
We are One always together
There is no reason to grieve

Just because we cannot see them
Doesn’t mean they are not there
Our thoughts of love bind us together
All the treasured memories we share

Death is not a bad thing
We all make the transition home one day
But a joyous thing when we discover
Heaven is not so far away

Trina Graves (Nov. 2016)

Posted with permission from the author


To find out more about this poem please visit: Trina’s newest site @   https://spiritualquotestoliveby.wordpress.com

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  1. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for sharing Amira ❤


    1. My pleasure dear Trina! It’s such an important topic to discuss, that somehow many people avoid talking about death, and yet we all know is a definite part in our lives. Therefore, we need to address the fear of the unknown, and understand it’s just a transformation, leaving behind the old coat, as our souls freely soar. Thank you for the inspiration! ❤

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  2. AbSOULutely agree with this. ❤️🦋🌀
    Been following Abraham-Hicks’ teachings since 2008. Resonates even more after having profound personal experiences.

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    1. That is awesome to hear dear friend! I would love to hear your experiences if you would like to share them, (if you like to share some privately you can go through my contact and it will direct you to my private email) In any case, it’s amazing to be able to have personal confirmation of these profound spiritual concepts. Sending light and love your way, Amira 🙂

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        1. Trina Graves says:

          Wonderful story, loved it. Thank you for sharing your experience Sheila.
          Love, Light & Blessings ❤

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  3. Yes someday we all will make it home again – but we are already myriads of ages on our way away from our real home and this is because we went to the market of the world and let go the hand of our Father – now we all are under the process of a mirror: which mirrors our thoughts, our words and deeds – karma, inside there are millions of different worlds and dimensions – only when we realize what will really happen us at the time of death, when we already experience the same while alive, then we know where we go and do not fear the unknown anymore – this is called to rise above the body-consciousness (the same process happens at the time when we have to leave our body some day, when we die) – fear is there because of the unknown. As long as we do not know, do not experience ourselves what will happen when dying – the fear will remain in us, also the fear that our life will end totally – in reality we go from one door to another…

    Thanks for sharing, dear Amira 🙂
    Have a happy weekend

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    1. Thank you so much dear Didi! It’s such an important topic to discuss, as we can clarify our understanding we can gently let go of our fears of the unknown. When we can start experiencing a connection with our Source, we know that there is nothing to fear anymore. From the light we come and to the Light we return. As you said, passing “from one door to another”. It’s so valuable to be able to have these discussions and to contribute our understandings so we can better prepare ourselves to let go of that fear. You too dear friend have a wonderful weekend! ❤ 🙂

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      1. If many people really would understand the meaning of death, the riddle of death to solve it, at the same time to understand what karma means – we surely would change our life and would be careful not to commit anything that could have harmful effects – instead we would develop the bondage with God that already exists, as He resides in every heart – in doing so with the grace of God, we would go beyond our body-consciousness and see ourselves – who we are, what we are and where we have to go – and death loses its fear…
        yes, dear Amira, a really very important subject but most of us push the thought of death aside – as we may say as an excuse: we life now -without knowing that life and death are very close to each other.
        Thank you, my dear friend 🙂
        Have a great time

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        1. Thank you dear friend, for your words of wisdom, always deeply appreciated 🙂 In Oneness, Amira

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          1. Thank you very much, dear Amira 🙂
            In Oneness

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  4. LindaP says:

    I so agree with all of you! I shared with Amira some of my experiences as well that took away my fear of death and know that this is not our home but we are just passing through! We are born from God’s love and go back home to be with the one who created us! Then shall we perfected by His love and Grace and be all in one accord knowing only love!

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    1. So true Linda! Those experiences are a spiritual confirmation of our Oneness in One family we all belong to, the eternal nature of our Souls and the Infinite Divine Love of our Creator. ❤

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