POEMS: “Your time has come” by Margaret Jang


Your Time Has Come

Your time has come to shed built up doubt or fear,
a new journey starts at last and now it’s finally here!
Maybe you thought this time would never actually come,
now with such excitement, your heart beats like a drum.

Many years ago you tried to change your mind,
but at that certain moment, it wasn’t the proper time.
Your soul was far too busy caught within a life,
that created such anguish with unnecessary strife.

Watching, while waiting, you wondered should you ask,
about your special journey that was already cast.
For if you looked carefully you could see it on your screen,
past, present and future were wrapped up in your dreams.

Now the time has come, to learn a greater cause,
with complete freedom, you’re not stuck on pause.
For as you learn more knowledge at this precious time,
you link yourself directly into your divine.

You feel an inner knowing and finally believe,
that you will be helped, to grow and to achieve.
To be of service for all and not just for one,
this is the part of life you’ll learn to become.

Your life has been set on a strong foundation now,
with increasing steps you’ll climb to the top somehow.
And the light upon your path shines brightly everyday,
because the time has come for you to lead the way.

Your expectation spans a long awaited time,
hoping for the moment your light would start shine.
Your time has now come for you to listen and learn,
to whispers that you hear that you can discern.

You needn’t know the reason or ask, “Who or why?”
The answers lay beyond, the stars up in the sky.
Your time is now to teach many important courses,
to those who awaken to more powerful forces.

Your time has now come for you to play your part,
for now you’ll be shown the beginning – where to start.
And once your soul flies free to soar beyond, above,
ultimate joy is yours, plus unconditional love.

by Margaret Jang

(Posted with permission from the author)


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