“Resilience Lesson from Heron” by Luda (re-blogged)

A beautiful inspirational story form our animal teachers 🙂

Plants and Beyond

~Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight. Japanese Proverb.

Do you see anything wrong with this bird?


Her little paw was missing.


It did not deter her from being on her life’s path or mission.


She stood firmly in front of me, not moving, holding her ground.

I am very impressed with her resilience and the teachings. No matter what happens, stand firmly and don’t sulk, you still moving forward with your journey. Whatever destiny is ahead, you are facing it with pride and strength.

Thank you white Heron. Your teachings will not be forgotten.

Make it a wonderful day, full of gratitude and inspiration.


The image listed here belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com

©PlantsandBeyond.com 🌱

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