SHAMANIC SERIES, LEARNING FROM ANIMALS HAIKU POEMS: “Hedgehogs” (“Erizos”) Poem dedicated to Christine

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Nurturing and calm,

With great inner confidence,

A good friend to have!


They teach:


Love for family,

A strong interconnection,

Simple things bring joy!


(Ignite your appreciation!)


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  • Let me know what animal shows up in your life, or in your dreams, or your favorite animal, and I will try to do a Haiku poem in your honor.
  • This poem was inspired by my dear friend Christine


  • (Déjame saber qué animal aparece en tu vida, o en tus sueños, o tu animal favorito, e intentaré hacer un poema Haiku en tu honor.)
  • Este poema fué inspirado por mi querida amiga Christine

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Cariñoso y calmo,

Con gran confianza interior,

Un buen amigo para tener!


Ellos enseñan:


Amor por la familia,

Una fuerte interconexión,

¡Las cosas simples traen alegría!


(¡Enciende tu apreciacición)


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  1. Such a darling and so beautiful lines of Haiku dear Amira. I have a golden retriever make a nice Haiku on Amber that is her name


    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! It would be my pleasure and joy to make a Haiku for your lovely Amber! I will look for the shamanic symbolism of the qualities that dogs come to teach us and dedicate it to Amber and you dear friend!


      1. Yes yes absolutely agree with your words. You know she is a real blessing to me and my family and have taught us what real love is. They r next to our God who has sent them down to give his unconditional love to us. My daughter takes very good care of her and she is a darling.


        1. I agree with you dear friend, they are our real teachers of unconditional love, and enrich our lives with their joy, playfulness, spontaneity, charming personalities, and infinite love. Your daughter and Amber are very lucky to have each other. I know a short Haiku, will not be able to say all the words that need to be said about these precious furry angels, but I will try my best in those short sentences, to encapsulate their so well deserved tribute. 🙂


          1. Thanks so much for your kind gesture and would love it, Amira. Yes great teachers and stress boosters. I too write short stories and have written a small story on a boy and his best friend who is a dog will share it sometime in my blog, Amira

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          2. Oh dear friend! I will love to read this story from you!!! I look forward to reading it 🙂


          3. Thanks Amira will definitely do so

            Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank u so much would love to read these beautiful shamanic words on Amber.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh! This is such a beautiful gesture. You’re the best! You’ve made my day. I really appreciate it, happy!

    Beautiful hedgehogs! Indeed, a good friend to have. A strong bond, love for family. There is beauty in simplicity. Simple things are the best things in life. Cutie pie! 😍

    I am learning a lot from you. Your posts are always meaningful. Thanks very much my dear lovely beautiful friend Amira. I am grateful to have a friend like you.
    Lots of love and dazzling light. 💖

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    1. Oh dear Christine!!! You are so sweet and kind!!! Thank you so much for your dear appreciation and joy, this is the most beautiful thing I ever heard! You gave me a gift of inspiration and now you made my day, and put a smile on my face! Thank you, I am thrilled to have a new friend like you! Lots of love and as you said “dazzling” light back to you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Omg , sooo precious. We don’t have them in FL, but as a child I saw many in Kiev❣️💚❣️


    1. Oh, yes aren’t they adorable!!!! Thank you dear Luda 🙂

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  4. LindaP says:

    Fantastic photos! They are sooo cute!


    1. Thank you Linda! Yes, I agree with you, they are the cutest little sweethearts 🙂


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