NATURE POEMS: “Generous tree”(“Árbol generoso”)


“Generous tree”


Flowers, fruits, and shade

A home for birds,

Insects, small animals,

You generously give,

Holding water for the earth,

Making oxygen for for us to breathe,

Moderating summer heat,

Balming beauty that uplifts,

A Christmas tree!

Still when fallen, the earth you feed ,

Of your wood you give:

Homes, furniture, a warming fire …

And you even provide

the paper in which we write!

Give and give, and never ask…

Without you a desert planet

Our world would be,

Life on earth would cease to exist…

You generous tree,

Of your life you unselfishly give!

Infinite gratitude fills my heart,

Do you know a more generous being?



“Árbol generoso”



Flores, frutas y sombra

Un hogar para insectos, aves,

Pequeños animales,

Generosamente das,

Reteniendo el agua para la tierra,

Haciendo oxígeno para que podamos respirar,

Moderando el calor del verano,

Bálsamo de belleza que eleva,

¡Un árbol de Navidad!

Aún cuando caído alimentas a la tierra,

De tu madera das:

Casas, muebles, un fuego que calienta …

E incluso tú proporcionas

el papel en el que escribimos!

Dar y dar, y nunca pides nada …

Sin tí nuestro planeta sería un desierto,

La vida en la tierra dejaría de existir …

Tú árbol generoso,

¡De tu vida das desinteresadamente!

Infinita gratitud llena mi corazón,

¿Conoces a un ser más generoso?



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  1. No not one bit so generous not a word out from its mouth. The tree just simply provides, gives and gives in all its wonderful ways and filling the earth in its entirety. Awesome poem and picture, Amira.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! Yes, I feel so close to trees, especially lately, and such deep gratitude fills my heart! Love and light to you dear friend! 🙂


      1. Welcome Amira and yes feels really good to be with them. Love and hugs to you too

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  2. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for your poem of gratitude to trees Amira, they are all truly magnificent Beings to whom we owe so much. Bless all the trees of the world and Bless you for your poem. ❤


    1. Amen to that dear Trina! I have started to feel very close to trees lately, is almost as if I could sense their feelings…I know some people would laugh because I am talking about their “feelings” but they are magnificent sentient beings, we just need to get to know them more deeply, and then we would treat them with more respect, love and gratitude…Thank you dear friend, I know you share this sentiment as well ❤

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