HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Bird Feeder” (“Comedero para pájaros”)

Image result for images bird feeder birds

“Bird Feeder”


A congregation of birds,

Seeds scatter in the air…

On the ground: a lucky squirrel!


 Related image


“Comedero para pájaros”


Una congregación de pájaros,

Las semillas se esparcen en el aire …

En el suelo: ¡una ardilla afortunada!




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  1. Wonderful presentation of these angelic birds and the squirrel is looking so cute and is seeing with his big eyes and for sure a congregation of birds. Lovely post, Amira.

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    1. Oh thank you dear Kamal! Yes, the squirrel is just waiting to get lucky and feed on all the seed that the birds are spreading on the ground. He is a lucky one waiting to feast 🙂 LOL

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      1. Welcome dear Amira and I have seen these squirrels coming to feed on nuts or some fallen sweets on the ground.

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