INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “letter from an ageing dad”

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This is a story to help us be more understanding and patient with those who have started the journey ahead of us, our parents who gave us our lives, and patiently helped us through our growing years. Sometimes, we get so carried away by our business and responsibilities that we become impatient and irritable without realizing that as the years pass by we all start to slow down. When we live under stress in our fast pace world, we don’t think how “precious” time is and we  regretfully miss opportunities to just enjoy the company of our loved ones, to listen to the stories and the wisdom of our parents and grandparents.

Don’t let your work and other responsibilities stand in the way of having quality time with your family and friends. We all come to this world with an expiry date. Appreciate each moment!

Warning: This is a tear jerker…

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Beloved son:

The day when I am old and I am no longer the same person, please be patient and try to understand me.

When I spill the food on my shirt and forget to tie me my shoes, be patient with me.  Remember the hours I spent teaching you when you were a child to do the same things.

If when you talk to me and I repeat and repeat the same words and you already know how the story ends, don’t interrupt me and listen to me.  When you were little, I had to tell you thousands of times the same story until you close your eyes and fell asleep.

When we are together, and unintentionally, I have an accident, don’t be ashamed and understand that I am not doing it on purpose and I cannot control my body functions any longer. Think how many times when you were a child I helped you and I was patiently by your side waiting for you to finish what you were doing.

Do not blame me because I don’t want to bathe; don’t scold me for this reason. Remember the moments that I had to chase you to have a bath?  The thousand stories I invented to make a pleasant and fun time of your bath?

When you see me useless and ignorant to all technological new things that I no longer understand, I beg you to give me all the time that is necessary and to not hurt me with your sardonic smile.

Remember that it was I who taught you so many things; how to eat, dress and how to face life as well as you do; they are the result of my efforts and perseverance.

When at some point, as we speak, if I forget what we are talking about, give me all the time I need until I can remember, and if I can’t remember do not get impatient with me; perhaps it was not as important what we were talking about and the only thing I truly wanted was to be with you and for you to listen to me at that moment.

If ever at some point I don’t want to eat, don’t insist. I know when and when not to eat.  Also please understand if I no longer have my teeth to bite or I cannot longer taste my food.

When my legs fail for being tired… give me your tender hand to support me like I did when you started to walk with your weak little legs.

Finally, one day when you hear me tell you that I  don’t want to live any longer and I just want to die, do not be angry. Someday you will understand that this has nothing to do with your love or how much l loved you.

Seek to understand that I am not living but I am just surviving, and that is no life.

I always wanted the best for you and I have prepared the path for you to follow.

Think that when I take this next step before you, I’ll be building another path for you in another realm but I will always be with you.

Don’t feel sad, angry or impotent because you see me like this. Just give me your heart, your understanding and support just like I gave you when you started your life.

In the same way I accompanied you on your path, please accompany me to finish mine. Give me love and patience and in return you will have my gratitude and a smile with the immense love I have for you.

With love,

Your dad.

(Author unknown)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. John says:

    We have to remember the patience our parents had with us when we were younger!


  2. LindaP says:

    I have had this poem in my bible for years! It is so hard to see our parents who were our strength and who did so much for us when we were young,now need us to have the strength and patience for them! We need to give back the unconditional love they gave us! Love and blessings, Linda.


    1. That is so true |Linda! We all go through these cycles of live, and each stage comes with great lessons. It’s so important to learn to be patient even when life pushes us at full speed, to take the time for those who gave us so much! Love and blessings back to you ❤


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