imagesthe lake

One day a dull and exhausted by the illnesses and burdens of life peasant came to the wise man. He sat in front of the wise man, who gave him a heartfelt and warm smile. The peasant breathed out heavily letting out a wave of mourning. He began complaining about his life, that he has a hard burden that he doesn’t see a bright daylight at all, it’s like one problem falls on his head or the other – they have twisted him between the grindstones so much that he can’t even breathe in some fresh air.


Later, he began blaming all of his relatives, who, in his opinion, were guilty for his misfortunes, whether the circumstances didn’t turn out right for him, or something else.

The wise man listened to him in silence, and when the peasant once again contritely inquired the wise man, why is it so unfair? what should he do and how to find peace?, the wise man got up from his seat and invited the peasant to follow him.

imageswise man

They came out of the hut and went to a lakeside, which was not far away and where from time to time flying fishes were jumping, trotting fast above the surface, catching food.


The wise man led the peasant to the lakeside and said to him:

“Do you see the smoothness of the lake? The depths are full with life. There are fishes that always stay in water, and if suddenly the lake got polluted, they couldn’t see further  than their own nose, they would hardly recognize where the source of the pollution was, and they would keep swimming in circles.

And there are also fishes that got wings and they can rise above the water of the lake, looking at it from the heights of their flight.

indexflying fish

So this is my advice: instead of complaining about your life, come to this lakeside from time to time, watch the flying fishes and try to understand what I wanted to say to you.”

imagesthe lake

(author unknown)

When you feel trapped , when you are facing challenges and difficulties, find stillness and serenity to get a clear vision and to change your perspective.


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  1. Yes I totally agree with this story and the wise man said so truly why not come and sit in stillness and then to get a clear picture of his perspective and that there is no one outside of you to blame but yourself. A lovely story. Thanks for the share, Amira.


    1. Thank you dear Kamal! I agree with you, it’s a simple lesson to keep in mind when our problems seem overwhelming. By the way, I don’t know if you received my reply on your request for a book on Zen stories, but this one is a good one to start:


      1. K thanks and no I did not receive your reply Amira and thanks will see this book on Amazon.

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        1. Also dear Kamal, I don’t know if you saw the haiku I dedicated to you a while back, just in case here is the link:

          enjoy 🙂


          1. Oh no dear let me go and check out right now


          2. Thanks so much dear and I loved the Haiku and picture. I just commented too.

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      2. I just saw on Amazon will go in detail and buy some of these books. I like reading Osho too a very good orator and had a lot of knowledge. I have a beautiful book on Zen by Osho it is known as Zen Miracles it is awesome.

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        1. Oh, I also like Osho very much! Thanks for recommending the book dear Kamal. I will look into it. I appreciate so much this interchange of valuable information!!! Light and love back to you dear friend! ❤


          1. Yes yes same here Amira and it is so nice to be on this wavelength I will go and see if I get these books in our library would love to read or will call from Amazon. I am reading a very huge book again written by Osho on Buddha and it is known as the spiritual path on Buddha and this book is awesome.

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  2. Thanks for recommending! I find the spiritual path of Buddha fascinating. I also saw on Netflix a TV series of the life of Buddha, and it was really well done and so very beautiful… I was in awe to watch how his life unfolded, and the way he handled every challenge and adversity, it was so inspirational to watch!


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