POEMS: “Thought, Word & Deed Are The Three Levels Of Creation” poem by Trina Graves

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“Thought, Word & Deed
Are The Three Levels Of Creation”

The Conversations With God: by Neale Donald Walsch

It isn’t always easy for us to see
That we all create our own reality
The things that we think, say and do
Will one day for us be true

As much as possible think positively
About all of your life, this is the first key
To unlock the door to your wishes and dreams
Positive thinking is what it seems
At first it’s hard to look on the bright side
When it seems life is taking you for a ride
But the more that you can appreciate
The more your life will begin to look great

Controlling your words is the second key
With positive thinking this comes naturally
If all that your thinking is good and kind
Words of love and praise you will easily find
Always speaking the truth with love in your heart
Sometimes will be difficult when you first start
But persevere and you will eliminate hate
There’s no better way to communicate

If love guides your thoughts and words easily
Then your actions will show love effortlessly
It’s often said ‘action speaks louder than word’
So do everything with love and you will be heard
Whatever you consistently think say and do
Put together will create your world for you
Be love and find the good in all things
You’ll be amazed at the peace and joy that this brings

by Trina Graves

Posted with permission from the author


Trina’s newest site at: https://spiritualquotestoliveby.wordpress.com


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  1. A thought provoking book is Conversations with God and a great motivational speaker is Neil. A brilliant composition of poetry on the three attributes of God. Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds. Nothing else exist but to remain steadfast in them. Lovely poem by Trina.

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    1. Trina Graves says:

      Thank you so much Kamal, glad you enjoyed it. The Conversations With God books certainly changed my perception and understanding of God. I wrote this poem and several others using the ‘Core Concepts’ as titles and themes in 2001, at that time I was just writing about the concepts to aid my own understanding and absorb them.
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


      1. Great to hear that Trina. Welcome always. Love and light to u too dear.

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    2. Yes, this mantra also reminds me of the wisdom of the ancient Zoroastrian philosophy which taught this same lesson: “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” (Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta in Avestan), A truly beautiful poem with practical daily life applications of Neale’s teachings.

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      1. Yes absolutely and His words are being carried on by other Avatars in different ways but the meaning is the same. Now there are new thoughts more potent that Good it is God Thoughts, God Words and God Deeds.

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        1. Oh, Wow! I really like that dear Kamal!!! Amen! 🙂

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          1. Thanks Amira I have listened to Wayne Dyer say this and why not do that today cause He is all this.

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  2. Oh! Wayne Dyer!!! He is another favorite author! 🙂 Thank you dear Kamal for the inspiration 🙂 ❤


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