INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “The little girl in the park”

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(Author unknown)

Last spring I was walking in a park. A short distance ahead of me was a mom and her three-year-old daughter. The little girl was holding on to a string that was attached to a helium balloon.


All of a sudden, a sharp gust of wind took the balloon from the little girl. I braced myself for some screaming and crying.

But, no!

As the little girl turned to watch her balloon go skyward, she gleefully shouted out, “Wow!”


I didn’t realize it at that moment, but that little girl taught me something . . .

Later that day, I received a phone call from a person with news of an unexpected problem. I felt like responding with “Oh no, that’s awful.”

But remembering that little girl, I found myself saying, “Wow, that’s interesting! How can I help you?”

One thing’s for sure — life’s always going to…

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  1. RASHMI says:

    Nice story , I’ve shared it .


    1. Thank you so much dear Rashmi for your lovely comment and for sharing 🙂


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