Wisdom Quote (Law of Attraction): “Give the Best of You” by Rhonda Byrne​​​​​​​


“Give the Best of You”

The fastest way to receive is to give, because giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. We all receive according to how much we give. Give the best of you everywhere you go. Give a smile. Give thanks. Give kindness. Give love. 

Your giving should be a giving without expectation of return – a giving for the sheer joy of it.

by Rhonda Byrne​​​​​​​


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  1. Yes and agree totally to all these marvelous words by Rhonda and you proved it by this adorable picture, Amira. Our hands that gives and gives to one and all.


    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! Yes, sometimes we think we are giving and we don’t see that we are also receiving when we give because we are all One, so we are giving to our kindred spirits which are also in us….

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      1. Yes so true Amira and yes we all give in our little ways but do not realize it sometimes. Welcome dear.

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  2. Giving brings such lasting Joy.


    1. I agree dear Zaza, is in giving that we can find our greatest joy 🙂

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