HAIKU POEMS: “Family Picnic” (“Picnic en familia”)


“Family Picnic”


A blanket so pretty,

Laid on the grass,

A display of treats, and laughter…

(Happy memories to last!)


http _i.huffpost.com_gen_2932264_images_n-PICNIC-628x314 

“Picnic en familia”


Una manta tan bonita,

Reposada sobre la hierba,

Comidas esquisitas y risas …

(Alegres recuerdos para guardar!)





5 Comments Add yours

  1. So cute and such happy moments to be going on a picnic with family and just being there for each other. A beautiful picture too, Amira.


    1. Thank you dear Kamal! Yes, beautiful memories of childhood, simple summer family gatherings that live in our hearts…<3


      1. Yes dear for sure childhood memories are so beautiful.


  2. LindaP says:

    Simple pleasures of life! Thank you Amira. Love and hugs Linda


    1. Yes, appreciating those small things that brighten our lives. 🙂 Love and hugs back ❤


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