SHORT PETS (CATS) STORY: “A tail of happiness”

from a previous post 🙂


(Author unknown)

Once there was this kitten that was chasing its tail. It just chased it and chased it.

An older wiser cat came along and he watched this kitten. The cat watched the kitten for a long time. Then he asked the kitten, “Kitten, why do you chase your tail?”


The kitten replied, “Because I will find happiness in my tail.”

The old cat watched for a time longer then he said, “I, too, used to chase my tail because I thought I would find happiness there. But I realized that I didn’t need to chase my tail for wherever I went it seemed to follow.”

imagescattail up

And the old cat got up and walked away with his tail flicking behind.


“Wherever you go, there you are”… We cannot go through life chasing after “happiness”  and hoping to “find” it. Happiness is an inner state of being. It has nothing…

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