POEMS: “The Little Acorn”

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“The Little Acorn”

In small green cup an acorn grew
On tall and stately oak
The spreading leaves the secret knew
And hid it like a cloak
The breezes rocked it tenderly
The sunbeams whispered low
‘Some day the smallest acorn here
Will make an oak, you know’

The little acorn heard it all
And thought it quite a joke
How could he dream an acorn small
Would ever be an oak?
He laughed so much that presently
He tumbled from his cup
And rolled a long way from the tree
Where no one picked him up

Close by him was a rabbit hole
And when the wind blew high
Down went the acorn with a roll
For weeks in gloom to lie
But, one bright day, a shoot of green
Broke from his body dry
And pushed its way with longing keen
To see the glorious sky

It grew, and grew, with all its might
As weeks and months rolled on
The sunbeam’s words were proving right
For, ere a year had gone
The shoot became a sturdy plant
While now the country folk
Can sit beneath the spreading leaves
Of a mighty forest oak.

Author unknown

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