HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Sweet Honey bee” (“Dulce abeja de miel”) Poem dedicated to Michele “Honey Bee”


“Sweet Honey bee”


Pollinates flowers… a labor of love!

Honey, flowers, veggies and fruits:

All thanks to you! 


 Image result for honey bee

“Dulce abeja de miel”


Poliniza flores … ¡una labor de amor!

Miel, flores, verduras y frutas:

¡Todo gracias a ti!



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This poem is dedicated to my dear and sweet friend Michele  who is so generous, kind and loving that she is nicknamed “Honey Bee” by her beautiful granddaughter.

Este poema está dedicado a mi querida y dulce amiga Michele que es tan generosa, amable y cariñosa que su hermosa nieta la llama “Dulce Abejita”.


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  1. oh my! I am soooo touched ! Tears filled my eyes-so beautiful to have a poem written for me-moves me deeply! Thank you so very much. love Michele


    1. You are so welcome dear Michele! I ‘m glad it brought joy your way 🙂 ❤


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