POEMS: “This body is a rose” by Rumi

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“This body is a rose”


Each form you see has its unseen archetype.

If the form is transient, its essence is eternal.

If you have known beauty in a face

or wisdom in a word,

let this counsel your heart:

what perishes is not real.

Since the springhead is timeless,

its branches refresh.

Since neither can cease,

what is the cause of your sorrow?

Think of the soul as source

and created things as springs.

While the source exists,

the springs continually flow.

Empty your head of grief

and drink from the stream.

Don’t think of it failing—

this water is endless.

From the moment you came into the manifest world,

a ladder was offered for your escape.

From mineral substance you became a living plant,

and later a roving animal. Is this a secret?

Afterwards, as a human being,

you developed reason, consciousness, faith.

See how this body has risen from the dust like a rose?

When you have surpassed the human state,

your angelic nature will unfold

in a world beyond this world.

Surpass the angels then and enter the Sea.

Your drop will merge with a hundred Seas of Oman.

Let go of him you called “son,”

and say “One” with your life.

Although your body has aged,

your soul has become young.


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