POEMS: “Woman is a Ray of God” by Rumi


“Woman is a ray of God”

Muhammad said,

“Woman prevails over the wise and intelligent;

while the ignorant dominate over her.”

They lack tenderness and affection

because their animality prevails.

Love and gentleness are human qualities;

aggressiveness and lust are bestial.

Woman is a ray of God.

She is not that earthly beloved.

You could say:

she is creative, not created.


(MATHNAWI I, 2433–37)

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  1. Beautiful words spoken by Rumi, Amira and so true. I agree completely with him and only the person who understands a woman can only write about her beauty. Great picture too.


    1. Thank you dear Kamal, for we share a mutual appreciation for the wisdom of Rumi. 🙂


      1. Yes absolutely Amira. A great soulful person who had realized himself in this birth with the help of shams and that is why all his words were soulful.

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