HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Watermelon”(“Sandía”) This poem is dedicated to Aida




A cool slice

Of ruby juice…

Sweet taste of Paradise!





Una rebanada fresca

De jugo de rubí …

Dulce sabor de paraíso!



This Haiku poem is dedicated to my dear friend Aida, who taught me how to make a delicious summer watermelon salad I am including the recipe in the next post.

(Este poema de Haiku está dedicado a mi querida amiga Aida, quien me enseñó cómo hacer una deliciosa ensalada de Sandía para el verano . Estoy incluyendo la receta en la próxima publicación)




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  1. For sure sweet taste of paradise and you know watermelon is a whole meal cause if someone wants to not eat food they can consume a whole watermelon and it is good for dieting too, Amira.


    1. Oh that is so beautiful! I could live just on watermelon 🙂

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      1. Yes yes if you want to fast the whole day then just having watermelon is the best cause it has natural water too.


        1. This is a great idea! I think that fasting once in a while is very beneficial to give the body a rest. Thank you!


          1. Yes absolutely Amira good for our body. Welcome

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