POEMS: “Keep Your Heart Pure and Open” by Margaret Jang

Heart on the sky

“Keep Your Heart Pure and Open”

A challenge you may encounter, time after time,
as you travel through the dance called life.
Is how to keep your heart pure and open,
when facing a struggle, devastation or strife.

At times the battle against unforeseen forces,
may seem too tiring to fight against anymore.
But still, you must keep your heart pure and open,
so you don’t lose focus on what you’re striving for.

Nothing in the universe is guaranteed to last,
and when times prove to be unjust or unfair.
You must still allow your heart to stay pure and open,
to keep yourself from becoming forlorn and bare.

Imagine obstacles as blessings in disguise,
and don’t worry, if at first, you feel confused.
Because, if you keep your heart pure and open,
it leaves more options available from which to choose.

Resist the urge to wallow in anger or in grief,
or seek revenge for justice that you feel is right.
For this will block your heart from staying pure and open,
and from receiving more universal love and light.

It is time to embrace new changes into being,
for life cannot stand still or it withers and then dies.
But if your heart is consciously kept pure and open,
opportunities for improvement will never pass you by.

Margaret Jang

Posted with permission from the author


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  1. Nice…that’s being true to one’s self.


    1. Thank you dear Zaza! Yes, I totally agree with you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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