POEMS: “I want” by Patricia Walter


“I Want”…

I don’t want life to be hard and cold.
Every time you turn around
there’s a bump or bruise.
I want to be surrounded by
kindness and love
feel the soft caress of
family and friends.
I want to see happiness flowing by
while sadness drowns
and hurt washes away.
I want to see anger
and shouted harsh words
soften by care,
melted by forgiveness.
I want everyone to take time
to reflect and build
a bridge to a kinder world.

Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2000 ©

Posted with permission from the author

Posted in Life Poetry, Soul Searching

Image result for images bridge to kindness

Pictures from the Magical Bridge Playground @ http://www.verdedesigninc.com/magical-bridge/


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