HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Nature’s song” (“Canción de la naturaleza”) Poem dedicated to John


“Nature’s song”


Branches dance in the wind,

To the subtle music:

Of nature’s song!



Related image

“Canción de la naturaleza”


Ramas danzan en el viento,

Con la música sutil:

De la canción de la naturaleza!



This poem is dedicated to my dear husband John for inspiring this Haiku

Este poema esta dedicado a mi querido esposo John por inspirar este Haiku



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  1. Trina Graves says:

    I really love this one Amira.
    Would you believe.. (I know you would!) that a few days ago I was getting out of my car at the supermarket and the sound of the trees really caught my attention, so I sat there and just listened for a few minutes watching the trees dance! It was just a bit strange at the time because of where I was. 🙂


    1. Oh wow! Yes, of course I believe this to be another synchronicity! Maybe it happened at the same time that John was inspiring me with this Haiku poem, as he was observing the “branches dancing” and this is what he said to me…the poem was born right there and then! 🙂 Oh wow!

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  2. John says:

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    My Sweety arose this morning
    and wrote this Haiku!
    What happened to Breakfast?

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    1. Trina Graves says:

      lol, Hi there John, great to ‘meet’ you! I hope you got your breakfast eventually. 🙂
      Love, Light & Blessings


      1. LOL! I’m so glad you finally and officially “met” John 🙂

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    2. Dear Sweety: Have you heard of “starving poets”?


  3. LindaP says:

    That truly is my brother!!! LoL He must have been really starving to actually write on you blog Amira! ha ha Love to you both Linda.

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    1. LOL! This was too much fun! Yes, the power of food 🙂


  4. you are quite the poet! I am enjoying your work.

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    1. Oh wow dear Michele! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!! I am humbled by your comment because you are so knowledgeable about poetry and a poet yourself!
      The only thing I can say is that I am having a lot of fun with this 🙂

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      1. you flatter me dear one-I will say I recognize good poetry in you!

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  5. Nature of the gift to God that ever spilled it


    1. Yes, it really is a blessing and a gift!!! 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful comment!


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