POEMS: “We Shall Not Die Alone” (Quote by Blaise Pascal) poem by Trina Graves


“We Shall Not Die Alone”

Title Quote: Blaise Pascal

There have always been stories
In modern times and old
How at the time of passing
There are Heavenly re-unions to behold
We Shall Not Die Alone
Heavenly Re-unions Will Bring Us Home

We all have our own Guardian Angel
A Celestial Messenger from above
Always by our side throughout life
Giving guidance and unconditional love
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Guardian Angel Will Escort Us Home

There are other Divine Beings
Who agree pre-birth to take the part
To guide us through our life
Giving inspiration to our heart
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Spirit Guides Will Guide Us Home

We all have lost beloved family
Who’s passing made our hearts cry
Regardless of their time spent on Earth
It was so painful to say goodbye
We Shall Not Die Alone
Beloved Family Will Take Us Home

There are even many family members
Who we never met in this present life
They passed over before our day of birth
But watch over us through trouble and strife
We Shall Not Die Alone
Past Generations Will Support Us Home

We’ve also had devoted friends
From our youth or recent days
Who’ve transitioned to the other side
And we miss them in so many ways
We Shall Not Die Alone
Departed Friends Will Accompany Us Home

Some have known the Unconditional Love
Of a faithful, friendly pet
Dog, cat or whatever animal
Their presence we never forget
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Faithful Pet Will Walk Us Home

All through our lives there have been people
Who have inspired us, guided and taught
Through school, books, history or whatever
Knowledge and wisdom they brought
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Teachers Will Lead Us Home

Strangers cross our path through life
Sometimes briefly or moments that last
But we always meet for a reason
Untold Blessings exchanged as we passed
We Shall Not Die Alone
Blessed Souls Will Greet Us Home

If it’s meant to be our treasured loved ones
Will be physically present on that day
We’ll have the chance to say farewell
And together for peace will pray
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Loves Will Bless Us Home

But, even if their physical presence
Is not there at our last breath
Our love is a bond that unites us forever
Their Devoted Spirit will be present at our death
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Loves Spirits Will Send Us Home

We all have our own Inner Guidance
Our Source, Spirit, Higher-Self or Soul
When aligned our lives are Blessed
We are Loving, Joyful and Whole
We Shall Not Die Alone
Our Higher-Self Will Unite Us Home

Some are truly Blessed with a Divine Encounter
Of a Being so High and Supreme
Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, whoever they are
Their Blissful Presence will be like a dream
We Shall Not Die Alone
Ascended Masters May Enlighten Us Home

So you see the journey we all take
Is never a lonely one
With so much Love surrounding us
Our home-coming celebrations will have begun
We Shall Not Die Alone
An Abundance of Love Will Transport Us Home

Trina Graves – 17th November 2016

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Posted with permission from the author

To find out the story behind this poem please visit Trina’s site at:



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for sharing Amira ❤


    1. You are most welcome dear friend! Thank you for writing this amazing poem! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LindaP says:

    I truly believe this as well! The night before my young son died,I had a dream of my daddy[who had passed a few months before] he was holding him on his knee and smiling! Of course I didn’t understand until that afternoon when my son passed away![I wasn’t there.] But it always brought me comfort to know he didn’t die alone! Thank you Trina for such a heart felt poem! Blessings to you and my sweet Amira! Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Linda! What a beautiful story! This for sure was a message from beyond to let you know that he was going to be ok! Sure, it all made sense afterwards… I didn’t realize that your dad passed away only a few months before. That must have been double hard to take. I am so glad to know the comfort that dream must have brought you to see them both well and smiling! Thank you for sharing this. It really confirms that our souls are eternal, and what we consider being alive in this physical form is only a limited short experience for us to learn and use our free will to seek our connection to God. Sending love and light your way! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Trina Graves says:

      Bless you for sharing your wonderful dream Linda, that must have given you some strength to get through. I believe many people get these glimpses of truth but pass them off as just ‘dreams,’ but the more people share their own stories the more easily they will be accepted as a blessed reality.
      Love, Light & Eternal Blessings to you and your precious son. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, these are the glimpses that give us that confirmation of eternity!

        Liked by 1 person

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