POEMS: “Live your dream” by Margaret Jang


“Live Your Dream”

If you have become caught in a struggle, enmeshed in a life you don’t understand,
feeling lost without a compass, on a desert island that’s considered no man’s land.
You may feel you are wandering without direction, in circles, as if caught in a fog,
not knowing how to release yourself from the clutches of being mired within a bog.

You now have arrived at a time where you know and feel that you must live your dream,
because frustration wells deep within that makes you want to shout or scream.
And now you realize the trappings that money, fame or recognition can bring,
are just not strong enough to satisfy the longing to make your heart joyously sing.

To live your dream is what your soul is trying to show you each and every day,
through dreams or visions that nudge to make you reach out in other ways.
It is through your inner senses that you receive impressions to make you realize,
that up until now you have been wandering aimlessly, blinded, with closed eyes.

Now it is time to awaken and to live your dream so your soul becomes alive,
when you no longer have to wonder and question why you feel this inner drive.
It seems to be so difficult to escape from the clutches of your fate,
for deep within you know you must live your dream…. before it’s too late.

But to willingly surrender to the greater purpose of why you are here,
takes courage, where higher guidance helps to assuage your greatest fears.
And there is no need to worry that you will live bored or do without,
for to live your dream is to learn what this is really all about.

To uncover divine blessings that will light the essence of your inner soul,
is to live your dream, which is the purpose for reaching this goal.
The importance is not about who or what you might have become,
it’s about reclaiming the path from where you’re already from.

And once you embark on this journey, stay open and ready to receive,
because an endless bounty is shared, once you begin to believe.
Each treasure of joy will be yours, far beyond what you now know,
for when you live your dream, it is then that your soul starts to grow.

by Margaret Jang

(Posted with permission from the author)


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