POEMS: “Is This Who I Am?” by Trina Graves


“Is This Who I Am?”


If ever you’re unsure of what to do
This is the question that will help you through
Ask yourself, “Is this who I want to be?”
The answer will guide you to act correctly

Every second and every minute of every day
You create yourself anew with what you do and say
“Is this the greatest vision of myself?” you might ask
Whenever you are about to carry out a task

What is the grandest vision that you can conceive
Of your life right now, it’s possible to achieve
Whatever you believe to be true
Your life’s what you make it, so create a new you

Decide who it is that you want to be
Express and fulfill this and you will soon see
Another grand vision that you can aim for
Your Soul is experiencing life and evolving more

Trina Graves – 30th June 2002

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(Posted with permission from the author)

To find out the story behind this poem please visit Trina’s site at:


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  1. Awesome and brilliant words of Is this Who I Am and the picture is apt with these wonderful words of truth and reality by Trina.


    1. Trina Graves says:

      Thank you Kamal, it was based on a quote from Neale Donald Walsh that was too long to use:
      ‘Your purpose in life is to decide and to declare, to express and to experience who you really are. That is the purpose of all life. That is evolution.’
      I agree, great picture too Amira ❤
      Love, Light & Blessings to you both


      1. Yes absolutely true Trina and e end he is a great motivational speaker. Welcome dear.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are right dear Trina. Perhaps we should make a mention on the post about the quote from Neale? let me know your thoughts ❤


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