“Our minds, our gardens”

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Most of us live busy lives and have little time to reflect, always running in a spinning wheel, multi-tasking through the week and then when we finally have time for “us” we want to escape reality, weakened by the time we reach our week-ends, so we anesthetize ourselves with empty, mindless “programming” on TV, so we don’t have to think. We probably also try to de-stress and decompress with some drinks or “comfort foods”.

We have “no time” to cultivate the gardens of our minds. We all agree that words can be powerful; a skillful writer can make you cry or laugh, depress you or inspire you. An unkind word can demoralize you, frustrate you or anger you and ruin your whole day.

The self talk that we repeat over and over in the tapes of our minds; it’s a never ending list of self critical thoughts, demeaning thoughts (when…

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  1. Thank you s much dear friend! 🙂


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