POEMS: “Miraculous Hands” (“Manos milagrosas”)



“Miraculous Hands”


Hands that care and nurture,

Hands that heal and comfort


Hands that point the way,

Hands that greet and embrace…


Hands that build and create,

Hands that draw and paint…


Hands that play music

And hands that applaud


Hands that join others

To unite and to help,


Hands open to give,

To reach out, and protect…


Hands close to the heart,

United to pray!


Hands, miraculous hands!

Use them with love, use them with care:

Not to destroy, never to hurt!


Share them with others,

In a welcoming gesture

Use them to play and to caress,

Fill them with love, generosity, and tenderness.


Each day remember

Gratitude to express,

For the miraculous gift

Freely given to you

The gift of your hands,

To touch and to bless!




“Manos milagrosas” 


Manos que cuidan y nutren,

 Manos que sanan y confortan


 Manos que señalan el camino,

 Manos que saludan y abrazan … 


Manos que construyen y crean, 

Manos que dibujan y pintan …


Manos que tocan música 

Y manos que aplauden


Manos que se suman a otros 

Para unificar y ayudar,


Manos abiertas para dar, 

Para alcanzar a otros y proteger … 


Manos cerca del corazón, 

¡Unidas para orar!


Manos, manos milagrosas! 

Úsalas con amor, úsalas con cuidado: 

¡Nunca para destruir, nunca para  lastimar!


Compártelas con otros, 

En un gesto de bienvenida 

Úsalas para jugar y para acariciar, 

Llénalas de amor, generosidad y ternura.


Recuerda cada día

De expresar tu gratitud, 

Por el regalo milagroso 

Que gratuitamente se te ha brindado

El regalo de tus manos,

Para tocar y bendecir!








14 Comments Add yours

  1. organicschat says:

    This beautiful Amira!! Hermoso! 💖


    1. Gracias querida Michèle! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dpranita583 says:

    Amazing words , image & poems. Thanks for a greatful word & work.


    1. Thank you so much dear friend for your encouraging words. You make me so happy to hear that you enjoy this blog 🙂 I am honored. I also just starting following yours, I love your recipes, they look so tasty and delicious! I am vegetarian, so I especially appreciate the great variety of vegetarian recipes in your bog!!! Sending light and love your way, Amira 🙂


  3. Doris C says:

    Tia está hermoso el poema. Que Dios bendiga siempre tus manos para que puedas seguir escribiendo los mensajes tan lindos que alegran a todos los que los leen. Te quiero mucho.


    1. Wow! Mi amorcito que dios te bendiga! Te agradezco mucho tus dulces palabras! Te mando todo mi amor siempre! ❤


  4. Trina Graves says:

    oooppps! Just going through your delightful poems Amira and realized I didn’t comment before on this wonderful one, so sorry!

    Hands are one of those things we often take for granted, until we lose the use of them – your poem expresses beautifully how important they are and I especially love the last verse. ❤

    By the way, I wondered what Doris C. had commented to you, as the only word I understood was your 'Wow!' 🙂 So I Google translated it. Can I please ask you to translate it on here – because if the translation I got is correct it would be a shame for anyone else who can't read it to not see the beautiful compliment. And of course, whatever came after your Wow! 🙂 ❤


  5. Thank you dear Trina! Yes, Doris is my niece, her name is after my mom “Doris”, and she is a sweetheart just like my mom was.
    She said:
    ” Auntie, this is a beautiful the poem. May God always bless your hands so you can continue to write these beautiful messages to cheer up all those who read them. I love you so much. “

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trina Graves says:

      That is so lovely ❤ Thank you for translating it, (Google missed the Auntie!) lol


      1. no, no google was correct, my mistake, it says “aunt” 🙂


        1. Trina Graves says:

          lol, it didn’t have aunt either! 🙂


  6. LOL, makes me feel better 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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