POEMS: “Life in Its Purest Form” by Margaret Jang


“Life in Its Purest Form”

Life, in its purest form, is a gift you can’t control,
the Universe blesses you when it’s time to unfold.
You may wonder or complain for the injustice of it all,
be patient and relax, for Spirit has heard your call.

There are many, many reasons why plans may go askew,
and often you may ask yourself, “What can I do?”
With disappointment and sadness both pressing down,
they bring tears of unhappiness spilling all around.

This sorrow is just a sign for healing that must come
from deep within; the place your soul waits from.
So fill the void that filters through your heart,
know and love you, for this is where it starts.

Life, in its purest form, will bless you when it’s time,
when the energy of your light is strong enough to shine.
To radiate uncluttered by the ego of your mind,
and materialistic desire is left far behind.

A balance among the body, the mind and the soul,
must be a priority; the focus of your goal.
Before higher awareness opens for you to see,
that it’s your responsibility to manifest spiritual needs.

To believe in a higher power with faith and trust,
then believe in who you are; a request that is a must.
Your light then must shine so brilliantly bright,
because life, in its purest form, looks for this sight.

Then like a shooting star it will travel down,
seeking out your light as it spirals around.
For if your intention and heart remain true,
life, in its purest form, will soon discover you.

by Margaret Jang (Reiki Master, Canada)

(Posted with permission from the author)


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