POEMS: “Awakening” from Bad News… (“Despertando” de las malas noticias…)


“Awakening from Bad News”


Bad news, a daily affair…

Misleading you…

Not the whole truth,

There’s a wider view!


Don’t fall in the trap,

Get all the facts.

A Greater Plan Prevails,

For our Highest Good!


Puppets come and go,

In a self-serving game.

Masters of deceit,

But the Truth is coming through…


They’re losing control…

Wake up, wake up!

Open your eyes and see,

We co-create our destiny!





1/2 verdad + 1/2 verdad = mentira


“Despertando de las malas noticias”



Malas noticias, un asunto diario …

Te Engañan …

No es toda la verdad,

¡Hay una vista más amplia!


No caigas en la trampa,

Obtén todos los datos.

Un Gran Plan Prevalece,

¡Por nuestro mayor bien!


Las marionetas van y vienen,

En un juego de autoservicio.

Maestros del engaño,

Pero la Verdad está amaneciendo …


El control están perdiendo…

¡Despierta, despierta!

Abre los ojos y mira,

¡Nosotros co-creamos nuestro destino!



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  1. Trina Graves says:

    Wow, Amira! Superb & Powerful!!! Crammed full of truth and wisdom. I love it!
    They most certainly are loosing control with the Light we are all co-creating and you beloved Amira are a trailblazer. ❤
    Love, Light & Blessings


    1. Trailblazer LOL!!! I wish!!! 🙂 My first attempt at free verse poetry…
      I was not sure, perhaps too strong, but i trust the message of the Light always prevailing is just as strong. Thank you dear Trina! Light and love your way as well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Trina Graves says:

        Trailblazer just came to me as I was commenting, so I did look up the definition to make sure it was a correct usage!.. ‘a person who is the first to do or discover something, or the first to go somewhere.’
        True, you are not the very first, but I know from what we have discussed that you have been following a certain path since childhood and I am so aware that your Light is burning so brightly now. And with yet another synchronicity!!! I have just started back at the beginning of your blog in 2016 and I can see you were sharing your enlightening wisdom from the start! And boy, are we so aligned, it’s like you’ve been reading my thoughts!

        In my first read through of your poem I did think it was a little negative, but I think because, like you, I try to always focus on the positive. But, I then re-read and saw that it is perfectly balanced with more light than dark! And as I said crammed with truth and wisdom.

        Those truths are ‘dark’ and to awaken we need to be aware of them and then shift our awareness to the Light. You have done a perfect job of this Amira! Please do continue to write some more, because if this was your first.. then WOW!
        In the Light of Oneness ❤


        1. Thank you that’s is reassuring. The purpose of this blog was to bring inspiration and hope and not negativity, this is why I was not sure how this poem would be received. But I must say, this is all happening recently since I started receiving all the positive encouragement, connecting with you and other new friends through this forum, and the synchronicities just keep happening, and things are flowing… so I’m in for the ride wherever it takes us! I appreciate your honest feedback dear Trina and the blessing of this beautiful friendship!!! In Oneness, Amira ❤

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          1. Trina Graves says:

            As you know, I too have had doubts about using some poems. But as you say things are just flowing, so using our intuition (which you have definitely had an influence on me) as a guide will lead us to doing what we are meant to do.

            Now that you have recognition here as a Light, you are in a perfect position to share your knowledge of the darker side, and I know you will always be able to bring in the Light to guide the higher path. You can stay true to your intention of bringing hope and inspiration while also informing others of the manipulation of the past.
            Go on and Blaze That Trail Amira!!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Anita Bowden says:

    Well done, Amira!!! ~Anita


  3. It’s a little dark perhaps… but i tried to balance it with the Light, which at the end will always prevail, no matter how dark things seem sometimes…


  4. LindaP says:

    “The darkest hour is just before dawn” from the song (Joy comes in the morning, by B. Gaither So keep up the good work Amira ! Love and hugs Linda.


    1. I agree dear Linda! The darkest hour when all the chaos and confusion comes to the surface, so everyone can see the truth, and then with that new awareness, we can begin to make the changes we want to see in the world so we can build a world of light, Love, solidarity., peace, a new golden age for all humanity!
      Love and blessings to you dear sister! ❤


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