SPIRITUAL POEMS: “SONG OF DANCE”by Zaza (re-blogged)

Like you said dear Zaza: “Pure Joy”


Swing  – Painting by Barbara Cole

Free Verse


Like David, the music sways my body to dance, my arms reaching heavenward

Your love, O God, tickles my feet off the ground

My heart soars beating like a drum to the Promised Land

Your grace lifts me higher and higher

Sweeter than good wine, better than gold or diamonds

Moving to and fro full of joy and hope, there’s nothing holding me back

I can flutter and fly like a golden butterfly

Nothing compares to your love

Song of Dance – Only you can satisfy!

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  1. Trina Graves says:

    🙂 I read (and liked) this just before you shared! Such alignment!!! ❤


  2. I found it by chance because I was not getting “the following” working properly. I hope I fixed it now in the settings. Yes, indeed, I am amazed at everything that is happening… it’s like we are on fire!!!! LOL

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