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  1. That was a great sharing, dear Amira 🙂

    One thing I came across which is also my point of view: she said: ..it felt that the conscious belongs to the same consciousness – and indeed it must be like that. Each of us is aware of himself or herself that we are alive “cogito ergo sum” – but the strange thing is that is awareness is separated from others , from the consciousness of others – as if there is a barrier between us, although we have the same consciousness – this same consciousness is in fact our higher Self with which we are all connected. We can ask ourselves: why do I feel unique, alone, separated – why cant I jump into the consciousness, life-awareness of another person who maybe would have the same question vise versa – that means from outside we are separated but from inside, when rising above the body-consciousness through the meditation of light and sound (Surat Shabd Yoga), we all are connected under the same consciousness-awareness. When dying the same thing happens: our life-energy withdraws from our ends and gathers at the point of third eye, or single eye as written in the Bible, then we leave the body – but we are still connected with the body as long as the silver-cord is not broken.

    Thank you for your attention and again thanks dear Amira for sharing this important message.

    All good wishes
    In oneness

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    1. Dear Didi: WoW! I do enjoy so much your valuable contributions and wisdom!!! I love it because you expand our view and understanding! Thank you dear friend! I had read that book too, but I am glad to have it here as a reference now. I always enjoyed reading about (NDE) near death experiences because of the evidence of the details people can recall, that so clearly confirms that life goes on, that the Soul exists, and beyond that, that there is such an infinite Great Source of Unconditional Love surrounding us, and that there are infinite realms where life exists!
      I guess that when we dream at night, we may go to those realms sometimes while still connected through our silver cord.
      Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I love having these conversations and connecting in this way so we can expand our minds.
      Sending Love and light your way dear friend! 🙂

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      1. Welcome, my friend Amira 🙂

        Indeed, when dreaming our dreams are a mixture of past lives and of the present life about things which we have not or only partly worked out: fears, wishes, unfinishes works etc. appear. In this dream journey our leave indeed the body and enter the Astral Plane – unfortunately, Astral, The Kausal and SuperKausal Planes, still belong to the negative realms or power (I would like to refer you in this connection to Kabir, both books: “The Aurag Sagar” and “The Dialogues of Kabir” – there you will find treasures of spirituality and it will give you a new angle of vision. In these three worlds: from Physical to Kausal Planes we go up and down since myriads of ages, like Sisyphos rolling a rock up a mountain and then starts again and again – this is due to our karmic reactions. Most people do not know that Karma consist of 3 Karma – with one extra special Karma – when we do good things they return good and when do bad things they return bad – like an echo or a mirror put in front of our thoughts, words and deeds. This would mean: if we carry golden chains or iron chains – chains are chains – they do not free us from the karmic circle. So there is that big Karmic Law, but besides there is another Divine Law: it is the Law of Grace – without it, for noone it would ever be possible to leave the wheel of coming and going, of birth and death. So God sends His messengers as Teachers, Masters or Gurus into the world, in different times and even different religions to bring Grace to certain people, this Grace does not come to all people at the same time, but depends on their own development and background. With the help of a true Master, who can really give us a first-hand experience, who can bring us above our body-consciousness (not in the dream, but being fully awake), He slowly slowly washes away all our spots on your physical and inner dress – to become very pure and conscious, but the disciple has to follow His commandments as Christ has put it: “If you love me, follow my commandments…” – the negative power is infact our mind, which controls us and there is an astral mind and also a kausal mind existing. With the help of a competent Master we can reach Sach Khand, the plane of pure consciousness. Kabir, Rumi, Shamz, Hafiz, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh and further competent Masters always came to the world commissioned by the God-power to bring back His children and teach them the universal teaching of love and unity, oneness.

        To make myself understand it would take many books to write, but so I recommend to read the books written by Kabir, Baba Jaimal Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh to understand the theoretical aspect of the universal teaching – when yearning is planted in our heart and we have made ourselves familar with the the teaching of all competent Masters who came so far in this world – devotion will follow, reception will follow and deeply love for God and His creation in following the footsteps of the great Sants and put all into practice what was taught.

        Thank you, my dear friend Amira sharing your thoughts and words, for sharing your insight 🙂
        Love and light

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        1. Dear Didi: As always you are such an immense resource of knowledge and wisdom! You have recommended me some valuable books to explore, I always enjoyed the poems from Kabir, but I will now find the book on “The dialogues” I am also watching some videos about Surat Shabda Meditation Practice, thanks to you once again dear Didi! Your suggestions always fall on fertile ground here, so hopefully some good things will germinate with nurturing!
          In gratitude, Amira

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          1. Dear Amira,

            About Surat Shabd Yoga or meditation I am goint to quote some text:

            The purpose of meditation

            Blessed are those who meditate for the love of God.
            Dr Harbhajan Singh

            Nowadays, meditation is done like breakfast is taken. Some people meditate to fulfill their wishes, some meditate for peace of mind. Some people meditate to gain riches in the world, name and fame. Some people do it only for the building of the body, to get rid of the diseases. Some people make a show of their meditation, there are mesmerism, spiritism, spiritualism, there are hundreds of branches out of it and they have nothing to do with spirituality on the contrary they are dangerous traps for the soul. Some meditate to acquire supernatural powers, some meditate to influence others, and some people meditate for salvation. With these aims, however, one stays on the level of mind and cannot reach the plane of consciousness. There are thousand ways of meditation, which will not take us anywhere.

            Better not to meditate than to meditate in the wrong way

            To meditate only with the help of mind, to meditate to fulfill wishes, is a death trap for the soul. The astral plane is fully controlled by the negative power, and is open for everybody. The experiences given by the self-styled “masters” are merely astral experiences. If you want to go to the astral plane, you do not even need a master, because mind itself will take you there. In any way you will come there into the clutch of the negative power, you will lose your free will, your consciousness and discrimination power, and you will be further bound in the net of transmigration.

            So it is of great importance to find out what is that meditation, which will transcend us above the body consciousness and take us back to home eternal. Which is that meditation, which provides us the water of Life and bread of Life?

            The subject meditation is directly connected with the purpose of human life, the development of the consciousness – the soul or spirit in man. The highest aim of life is self-realization and God-realization. But who meditates out of yearning and love for God?

            Place of origin:

            When meditating without the protection of a competent Master who has given “passwords” at the time of initiation to go through the inner worlds without being captured and attracted by the vast and exessive light which one can find on the Astral Plane, we easily fall into a deathly traps – seeing a light on the astral plane is not a big thing, but this light, so strong colours and the powers which are working there (black magic and white magic) give some payment to the one who uses them and that means that at the time of death those power demand their toll and the poor soul has to suffer again and again – to go to the astral plane everyone can do it and no Master is needed, but when you go on higher plans without entering those traps then a real Master is needed. And all Masters themselves had a Master – no exception to the rule.

            Love and light

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  2. Another recommodation about near experiences: a book written by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler Roos and Dr. Raymond Moody.
    All the best
    And love to everyone

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  3. Near-death-experiences

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  4. Trina Graves says:

    I was drawn to Anita Moorjani when I saw her talking of her experience with Wayne Dyer several years ago. I have always loved to hear about or read near death experiences, so of I course read her book. But what also fascinated me was how her ‘story’ came to the attention of Wayne Dyer (law of attraction) and then there was no stopping the flow! I like to use her quotes on my site too.
    Thanks for sharing Amira.
    Love, Light & Blessings

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    1. I actually came to know about Anita’s story thanks to Wayne Dyer! Her case is fascinating because of all the evidence she has from the hospital, the results of her tests and documentation of the physical state she actually was before she “died” and the miraculous return to life (or “remission” as the doctors could not explain it). She has so many witnesses of what happened that any skeptic will have to think twice before they disregard her story. Thank you dear Trina!!! 🙂

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  5. Wow, that’s why we are so alike, I do follow Anita too. She is very wise and happy you are sharing her wisdom.

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    1. Dear Luda: I am so happy to hear that you also follow Anita. Yes, she shares her wisdom and she really radiates joy! That is one lesson she always talks about,the importance of having joy in our hearts! It’s so important! It rises our mood and vibration, everything looks different when you are happy, is like being “in love” all the time! Being in a state of love. For me, Nature is a great source to nurture that joy. How can you be sad when you see a butterfly, or a new bloom?
      Sending light and joy your way, Amira 🙂

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  6. Ian says:

    Thanks for this share. And I enjoyed reading peoples responses. I read Anita Moorjani’s books “Dying to be me,” and “What if this is Heaven.” I read them both several times. I enjoyed them both, but I have a particular thanks to her second book.

    I’ve read many many NDE books over the years, But Anita’s were, by far and to me, the most compassionate and empathic of them which definitely resonates most with my own…challenges and struggles to “Get it” and foster these in my self WITHOUT personally Experiencing NDE. In my living consciousness, I am really only concretely aware of my “Life.” Any other perception other than this is purely personal, unsubstantiated…EXCEPT of what is…my own knowing. I can’t prove anything else (but I can tell you…what other things I know of myself outside what is considered “Conventional”…it’s quite real to me…and that’s all that really matters,,,for my personal use only).

    Years ago…(RELATIVELY a while ago; I’m only 52), I had severe long term chronic depression. No need to go into victim hood about it. People suffer “Being human,” and so…as a human this was simply my measure of what we all go through. I can’t really remember times of not feeling depressed, down…low, anxious…weary and tired of life in in early childhood.

    Being in this state really does a number on the instinct to survive; really contributes to over-all conflict between how humans are wired (to survive life) and poor mental health that is stuck in a looping perspective: Life is hardly worth living if it’s this bad.

    So, yeah…I read a lot of alternative thinking books including NDE books in an attempt to supplement my coping with really positive testimony, inspiring ideas…anything that would spark an empathy within myself for myself as I tried to grasp ahold of other people’s ideas that were more elevated than mine.

    Anyway, I noticed that over time, the more of these books I read about NDE, the more…discontented I got about life…more and more “Wishing” I could have a “do over”…or just get the hell out of this and get on to…”Better.”

    And then one day (This was like…in 2007), I turned on NPR (National Public Radio), and there was an interview going on with someone who’d had an NDE. And he’d said something I’d never heard another NDEer say. He said…It is purposeful that we can’t remember life between life because if we did; there would be no point to this life and there would be nothing but discontent because there IS suffering in humans living a physical life. And there is purpose to that. He went on to say something like…It’s really not so good to get too entangled with the idea of it or you’ll miss some opportunities to experience what is physical…which is where you are now…for a reason.

    Now…this changed my perspective because it validated something I was personally concluding even as I was sorta…entrapped in this loop of not wanting to be here and that reading a lot of NDE material actually causing me to be incredibly discontented with human life (ME…not anyone else…I’m not projecting this idea; only sharing something purely subjective). And so…this was synchronistic for me…very important for me to hear and take in because I was loosing human perspectives geared for my own survival (again…ME…Not anyone else).

    So I gave up pursuing inspiration from NDE…Mostly. I still found it fascinating…still read some materials, but I didn’t do this as primary inspiration.

    By and by, I sorta grew into a degree of “Awakening.” Depressions got less and less severe in intensity and duration (OMG…THAT…was quite a journey. Wake ups are not always gentle, and spirit DOES loose patience…LOL). It was in the middle of this particular phase of the process (which I can officially call a FULL BLOWN mid-life CRISIS of profound intensity…and all hands, guides, divine help and LOVE were ON DECK) that Anita Moorjani’s book found it’s way into my life…

    …AND OMG! OMG OMG OMG!! How blessed I felt…and how life affirming her book was as no other of it’s ilk had been for me. It was NDE…but it was/is singularly life affirming; a focus on life…not mysticism, altered perception or reality. She actually speak proportionally very little about that. She is definitely speaking from “Living” human perspective…which is where I’m at. I’m not dead. And I don’t want to be dead even though sometimes…I still get really dark in my thoughts…really unhappy with life. But these periods last hours only now…sometimes a day or two…but not weeks or months like before. Now it’s only periodic…not Chronic.

    I still have some major anxiety (Now…I’m aware of PTSD from a really really long history of…you know…what causes trauma which was compounded by the conditioning to internalize it so as not to hurt people; contain it…supress so it only affects me. And THIS IS A GOOD THING. I used to be so depressed and anxious I was not aware of the source. Now I see the source because the suffering is better managed. AN IMPROVEMENT.

    ANITA MOORJANI’S BOOK really really inspired in me what I’d been missing. I used to LONG to be a good person (always hated myself)…a compassionate person (because I’d not had a lot of that)…an empathic person (I feel very deeply peoples pain and suffering, and I always wanted to be able to respond in a way that helped…not hurt). And I worked really really very hard to foster and evolve theses within my self. I chose hospice nursing as my profession. Oh…that was hard way to do this…but ultimately…there’s a reason we are lead to where we need to be to do what we need done. Spirit knows this; soul knows this…and sometimes it makes it into the mind and we “KNOW” this even better.

    When I read Anita’s books, I swear! It’s not like I felt I’d been missing the point. All the things I worked hard for…those were very good things to work on in a human life, but it felt like I’d been missing the point because I did not really have what was needed to make the points connect to get what I really wanted…which was balance between becoming the person I wanted to be (Kind, good, compassionate, empathic…loving) and suffering a great deal by not being able to recognize these things in myself no matter HOW HARD I TRIED!

    SELF LOVE, as Anita Described it. She described it in her compassion and empathy as I wanted it for myself and very very rarely felt or saw in these other NDE books (and people or myself). Self love as she described it and exemplified it in her books, videos…talks…THAT was the key I’d been missing. I needed a solid “Real Time” example.

    So…yes, thanks for this share. And thanks for allowing me to contribute a perspective. It’s a human perspective (’cause I’m a human…it can be nothing more or less than that). Thanks…and peace.


    1. Dear Ian: Thank you so much for sharing with us your experiences. You certainly had difficult challenges to overcome, and this journey of life is not an easy one. As you share your experience of “Being Human”, I am sure we can all relate to that certain desire to no be here sometimes in this physical dimension, in this plane of existence. However, as you so nicely put it, it is exactly here where we can learn those lessons of self love, compassion, empathy, etc. As you said: “to experience what is physical…which is where we are now…for a reason”. I am also glad that through Anita’s experience you were able to find the key that you were missing to make these connections. I find that is always someone that comes along and expresses something in a certain way, that just “clicks” for us, that resonates with us, and makes that connection we were missing… an “Aha moment” that changes our perspective and gives us a deeper understanding. You are not alone, our human experiences, the twists and turns of life, takes us through different paths, but I think we all eventually come to an understanding of our interconnectedness and our common Source, and that we are souls having a human experience, because only here through our physicality we can learn certain things.
      Thank you for contributing your experience and your insights, and I am glad you have reached a place of balance now, and healing is already happening for you as you continue your road of recovery each day getting easier, being gentle and loving of yourself.
      Sending light and love your way, in Oneness,

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