INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “When Life Isn’t Fair” by Coach Muller (re-blogged)

Another very inspirational story!!! Thank you coach Muller 🙂

My Good Time Stories

Proactive Coaching Photo Credit: Via Proactive Coaching

Have you had times in your life when everything seems to go wrong and nothing that you can say or do goes right? People get a flat tire on a way to a meeting. Someone slept through their alarm clock and got to work late.  A person loses their car keys and will be late for an appointment. The list goes on and on.  You might decide to make excuses for other things…things that you may have wanted to do your whole life but haven’t, a failed relationship, a job that you never finished, etc. Some people make excuses for everything and never get anyhting accomplished.

Let me tell you a short story that I recently came across that was found on the site, “Proactive Coaching,” that I think will illustrate the power of NOT making excuses and performing to the fullest talents and gifts…

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  1. Mohan Rao Mannepalle says:

    Your stories and inspirations are truly precious during my ministry as a preacher. Be blessed and keep the good work G O D has bestowed on your heart.


    1. Thank you kindly! I deeply appreciate your feedback! Warm greetings and blessings, Amira


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