POEMS: “Love In Handwritten Letters” Poem by Khyati (re-blogged)

Beautifully worded! I think we have lost the beautiful art of expressing our sentiments in letter form… There was something so romantic about the feel of paper, and the handwritten words were so much more meaningful extensions of the loved one! Beautiful! I am re-blogging this 🙂

Bookish Fame

In the olden times,

The long-distance love blossomed

Under the aegis of the handwritten letters.

And with the passage of time,

Even the near ones turned distant

And the love languished.

A splurge of means to express love

Have fallen short of saying

The three magical words.

The grandeur of all the possessions,

howsoever beautiful they may be, are materialistic,

And so never keep a heart tucked to the other

For a long duration.

Those letters exchanged before

Contained the fragrance of affection.

Though they were inanimate

The letters were able to say aloud the intended messages with proper diction.

Such was the beauty of those postcards

Those soft white or maybe, colorful pages,

Which had the love smeared all over it!

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  1. Awesome piece of poetry and yes those were the days when letters written with hand mattered so much to two lovers. Beautiful.


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