POEMS: “Splitting dream” by Didi (re-blogged)

A beautiful poem dear Didi! Thank you 🙂

Didis Art Design

Without the night
Day cannot be

Without sorrows
Happiness is not felt

Without storms and clouds
Light cannot be appreciated

Without failures
Victories lose meaning

Without death
There is no life

In the two hidden
There is ONE:

No life, no death
No Ups, no downs

No No, No Yes
No time, no space

Just One in All
And All in One

While we dream time and space
Touching opposites

While we are the dream of the One
Splitting into fragments…

DidiArtist, 21.07.2018

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you, dear Amira 🙂

    May our dream be someday ONE to be the brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God and live a life of: Do Good, Be Good and Be One ( told by Sant Kirpal Singh when He was interviewed in an American TV programme, to describe the Universal Teaching of all competent Masters in a few words).

    Thanks, my friend and a great day to you
    In Oneness


  2. I agree with my whole heart! I love the wise words: “Do Good, Be Good and Be One”. I good mantra to keep in our minds to help us choose and decide on our actions each day, dear Didi! Sending light your way, in Oneness, Amira 🙂


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