HAIKU POEMS: “A fresh croissant”(“Un croissant fresco”)


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“A fresh croissant”


A fresh croissant,

Steamy coffee, a single rose…

mmmhhh…Am I in France?


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“Un croissant fresco”  (media luna)

“Un croissant fresco,

Café humeante, una sola rosa …

mmmhhh … ¿Estoy en Francia?



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  1. C’est tres bon – vous ete en France – comme moi!


    1. Oui, quel beau pays en effet!
      (J’ai dû utiliser google translate pour répondre … LOL)
      Je peux comprendre un peu, mais je ne peux pas épeler en français!

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      1. You did marvelously! My native French is a bit rusty too since I lost my Maman to speak with, I just have to go deep to regain it….


        1. I am sorry to hear Maman… you must miss her very much. I feel the same way with mine. We can treasure the legacy of love, memories and lessons from them, they always live in our hearts 🙂

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          1. yes, and there is so much joy and wisdom to write about them, we are kindred…thanks to our mutual Kamal!


  2. It’s beautiful to see how we all interconnect…For sure, thank you dear Kamal! The ripples of friendship keep spreading 🙂


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