POEMS: “Wounds of Time” by Margaret Jang


“Wounds of Time”

When you reach a turning point in your life,
and make a decision that cuts your heart like a knife,
isn’t it strange why you are angry or resentful now,
after all, it was your choice for when and how
you visualized your future dream to be,
to carry on a legacy that in your youth you could see.

It may have started so many years ago,
and through diligent perseverance you know,
it helped you strive for a life beyond any dream
to a wonderful reality that sometimes seems
too good to be true, because you came from
a life filled with hardship that still weighs like a ton.

It burdens your soul with feelings you cannot define,
and cries for release, but is just another sign
that your ultimate goal is to heal your soul
to find inner peace, plus balance, to make you feel whole.

You feel you lost a war, where others conspired or didn’t agree,
but just pause and refocus so that you can plainly see,
that part of your problem is based on insecurity and fear,
plus childhood memories that still bring many tears.

Many times you have been reminded how lucky you are,
but this makes you angry; misunderstood by far,
and because you deserve everything that you have,
why should you be the one to feel sad
at the way life has twisted and turned.
What are the lessons your soul has not yet learned?

As you reach another stage in your life,
you feel abandonment, which causes great strife,
and you are at a loss not knowing which way to turn,
for as the poison within continues to burn,
you’re blinded and deaf to encouraging words,
not realizing that your helpless cries are heard.

Those closest to you, who feel your deep pain,
will help you when you are ready to gain
back your confidence, that brings laughter and love,
filling your heart with joy to rise above
jealousy and rage, which you have endured,
so your wounds of time will be forever cured.

But first, you must stop this turbulence of denial,
sort out your feelings then put them on trial,
be true to yourself by honestly assessing,
release pent up feelings that are repressing
your emotional growth, in daily life, that seems
to create a power struggle within and has been
the source of your afflictions,
resulting in many addictions.

Change is the necessary part of growth that you fear,
but deep within you know and can hear
your soul whispering, ever so slightly, in the stillness of the night,
saying, “Take my hand, I will lead you on your path without a fight,
and let the wounds of time heal, here and now,
so harmony and peace are your gifts once you are shown how.”

Margaret Jang (Reiki Master)

(Posted with permission from the author)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LindaP says:

    This poem speaks the truth of the influences of our lives and striving to move on to create our better self! Loved this! Love you my sister Amira!


    1. Yes, we all go through life, and get wounded at one point or another, as we face so many challenges… The point is to begin healing, integrating the experiences, learning and growing through them…
      Love back to you dear Linda! 🙂


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