INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “The cascade effect” by Jorge Oyhanarte “El efecto cascada” (poema inspiracional)

“The cascade effect”

May 5, 2018 Poems, Video

We live emitting waves of energy,
touching other beings, as we pass their way:
vibrations that induce the other to walk smiling,
or cause anger in those we meet.

Like two stones thrown into a lake
make two ripples intermingle,
we also get influenced by happiness or wretchedness,
when our frequencies overlap.

And although at first sight it seems such a “small thing”,
the “waterfall effect” becomes unstoppable:
your emotion of anger sticks, and adheres,
to those you meet, in an imperceptible way.

And others “spread” it to the next friend they meet,
and that friend, in turn, to his son at home,
and the child, in his innocence, and without knowing why,
mistreats his cat, unable to understand the reason.

Each one is responsible for the energy that emits,
the gardener in charge of his own garden,
there is the one that allows only weeds to grow,
and the one who only sows rosebushes, or a jasmine.

And there is also the one who became a Master,
and when he perceives that someone projects darkness,
instantly transmutes that low energy,
restoring it… and changing it to goodness.

And in this case, the “waterfall effect” is benevolent:
the transmuted energy touches whoever is at hand,
and a circle of light, beautiful and transparent,
Loaded with tenderness, goes from human to human…

And you, my good friend, what do you radiate in your way?
I hope your wave is compassion!
that silently surpasses your glass,
and to every being you encounter, you elevate their heart!

Jorge Oyhanarte

(Translated from Spanish with permission from the author)

I invite you to let yourself gently rock in the hammocks of these rhymes …, as when you were a child…, so that for a few moments, your gaze can become innocent and clear again, as it was then, and you can feel once more the purity of the Infinite in your heart…


“El efecto cascada”

Poesías, Video

Oleadas de energía vivimos emitiendo,
y tocan a otros seres allí por donde andamos:
vibraciones que inducen al otro a andar sonriendo,
o propician enojo en quienes nos cruzamos.

Así como dos piedras arrojadas a un lago
hacen que se entremezclen las dos ondulaciones,
también nos influenciamos en lo alegre o lo aciago,
cuando nuestras frecuencias así se superponen.

Y aunque a primera vista parezca “poca cosa”,
el “efecto cascada” se vuelve indetenible:
tu emoción de iracundia se adhiere, pegajosa,
a aquél con quién te encuentras, de un modo imperceptible.

Y ese otro “lo contagia” a un amigo que ve,
y ese amigo, a su vez, a su hijo en su casa,
y el niño, en su inocencia, y sin saber por qué,
lo maltrata a su gato sin entender qué pasa.

Cada uno es responsable de la energía que emite,
el jardinero a cargo de su propio jardín,
y está el que únicamente malas hierbas permite,
y está el que sólo siembra rosales o un jazmín.

Y está también aquél que llegó a la Maestría,
y si percibe que alguien proyecta oscuridad,
la transmuta en el acto a esa baja energía,
y se la restituye… convertida en bondad.

Y el “efecto cascada” allí es benevolente:
la energía transmutada toca a quien tiene a mano,
y un círculo de luz, hermoso y transparente,
cargado de ternura, va de humano en humano…

Y tú, mi buen amigo, ¿qué irradias a tu paso?:
¡ojalá que tu onda sea de compasión!,
y que calladamente rebase de tu vaso,
y a cada ser que encuentres, ¡le eleve el corazón!

Jorge Oyhanarte

(Traducido al ingles con permiso del autor)

Jorge Oyhanarte

Te invito a que te dejes mecer suavemente en las hamacas de estas rimas…, como cuando eras niño o niña…, y que por unos instantes, tu mirada vuelva a ser inocente y diáfana como en aquél entonces…, y que sientas otra vez la pureza de Lo Infinito en tu corazón…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Bowden says:

    I really do believe in the power of the wave effect! Though I don’t always put it into practice in the way I should, at my core, I know how powerful our thoughts and emotions can be! Thanks for posting this important piece, Amira!


  2. Thank you Anita. I guess I am also attracted to the message because I know this is an area I need to work on, and find it especially hard sometimes to try to transmute negative energy, that tends to “sticks like glue”. From now on, I will try to imagine a cleansing waterfall, letting go of negative vibes…purifying, and bringing refreshing waves of love…


  3. LindaP says:

    I agree with you both! It’s really amazing when you think how easy it is to pass on negative vibes and so much more difficult to change them to positive vibes! I seem to take one step forward and two backwards! I feel as you age you learn not to sweat the small stuff! Love and hugs your way sister!


  4. Thank you dear Linda!!! That’s right! Let us bask on the sunny days of summer, and celebrate today 🙂 All my love back to you! Amira


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