POEMS: “Dreamers Dream” (re-blogged)



I dream of strawberries and musketeers,
a call to the arms to take me from here.

I dream of chocolate cakes and Marmelade,
delicious treats only gods can make.

I dream of green tea and piano keys,
a harmony to fill my senses needs.

I dream of humming birds and bumble bees,
together we’re defying gravity – just believe.

I dream of blue skies and endless possibilities,
there’s magic all around, you’ll see.

I dream of pink roses and mermaid tales,
soaking our feet in the ocean’s waves.

Each night I dream these dreams,
until they become a reality.

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  1. prospermind says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for reblogging one of my poems, this brings such joy to my soul. You’re an inspiration!

    Be well and great blog by the way. Glad to have come here! 🙂


    1. Oh you are so welcome! I enjoyed your poem and it’s nice to share so others can enjoy it as well. Thank you for your kind words! Let’s keep the inspiration spreading 🙂 Best wishes to you, Amira


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