POEMS: “All is well with my soul” by Trina Graves


All Is Well With My Soul
Title from Julian of Norwich
Poem by Trina Graves

We all have countless troubles to face
Through our lives, whether young or old
Even those we perceive to be immune
Harbour burdens, if their truth be told
All Is Well With My Soul

I grew up no different from others
I too, had problems and doubt
But ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’
Was the belief I clung to throughout
All Is Well With My Soul

My children were my joyful anchor
I lived each day blessed by their light
Without them my boat would have sunk
Negativity all around, was hard to fight
All Is Well With My Soul

I questioned, why are we here?
Why is there suffering and hate?
How can innocent children be hurt
Surely, it’s not just about fate?
All Is Well With My Soul

Once I set foot on my Spiritual Path
Things began to change for me, all around
I didn’t realize for quite some time
It was ‘The Law Of Attraction’ I had found
All Is Well With My Soul

Looking back now, my path was long
For many years I hesitantly plod
Now I see all the signs along the way
Showing me my own pathway to God
All Is Well With My Soul

My Soul, my Centre, my Essence
Has always been aware and awake
Even at my lowest of low
It still shone, for my own sake
All Is Well With My Soul

Hate is required to learn forgiveness
Darkness is essential to perceive light
Loss is necessary to appreciate love
My Soul brought me through my night
All Is Well With My Soul

We come to experience it all
God Sparks within us, we create
In our unlimited world of free will
We choose what’s to be, not fate
All Is Well With My Soul

I am now focused on love and light
Blind to the negative others choose
I let go of trying to control anyone
The true game of life is impossible to lose
All Is Well With My Soul

I know there will not always be calm seas
Twists and turns may lay in my path ahead
But I came to live in this divergent world of choice
To anchor and shine my light, wherever I tread
All Is Well With My Soul

The All-That-Is, Source Energy is my anchor
My life-jacket of love and light keep me afloat
Whatever waves may toss and turn in my life
I choose to remain calm in my aligned boat
All Is Well With My Soul

The ending of my path is ahead somewhere
At least for this life, as me, playing my part
But I know the love and light I have shone
Continues in my Soul, as it did from the start
All Is Well With My Soul

No matter what has happened or will be
My Soul keeps centered and whole
The positive and the negative…
All Is Well With My Soul

Trina Graves

(Posted with permission from the author)

She has a beautiful blog at: http://www.spiritual-quotes-to-live-by.com


The lyric video of ‘It Is Well’ written and sung by Kristene DiMarco.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Bowden says:

    I love this post! It really describes well my own consciousness journey through life – how each step of the way you start to see things differently.


  2. Yes, I resonate with this poem as well… we are here learning by contrast in a dimension of duality (ying and yang), struggling to stay centered and connected to Source, and trusting that all is unfolding as it should…for the highest good of all…(despite appearances)


  3. LindaP says:

    I agree ! We learn and grow through the hard times,and it usually isn’t until further down our life path that we see how they have made us grow and have strengthened are souls.How the tapestry of our life is weaved!


    1. That’s so true Linda! This reminds me of a beautiful & inspirational story Of God’s embroidering!


  4. Nice…I’m a long time fan of Julian.


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