POEMS: “Upon Surrender”


“Upon Surrender”

If you first surrender to what may be,
to energy forces, which you can’t see.
Then through the heart you will receive,
a light so bright that it’s hard to conceive.

Once you surrender your trusting heart,
you’ll be at peace and ready to start.
Questions you asked many times before,
will now be answered from within your core.

But resist expectations for answers of “how,”
just surrender completely….. just for now.
And whatever happens, please trust and accept,
that all your intentions will certainly be met.

The universe generously supplies for all,
except you must ask for total recall.
Then readily let go of all control,
stop your thinking and just feel from your soul.

For upon surrender, trust is shared from above,
in which you’re filled with joyful love.
Where freedom exits, like floating on a cloud,
and serenity is felt….. for now it’s allowed.

Margaret Jang

(Posted with permission from the author)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LindaP says:

    Love this poem!


  2. Margaret Jang is getting to be one of my favorites as well! Unfortunately, she has stopped writing now. I will keep encouraging her by sending her the comments we receive from her poems.


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