“Zen Lessons from the Dog World” (re-blogged)

Lovely post! We can always learn from our animals. They don’t need words or preaching to teach us some of the greatest lessons! I am re-blogging 🙂

Searching for Stillness

Well, we are a few days in now from welcoming a new addition to the family, the four-legged kind, naturally. So I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you all to Benny (he’s the black lad on the floor) and will be henceforth known as Benners, for the purposes of story-telling. And of course on the couch is Dusty or Cheeky D to use her online name.

But don’t worry (if you haven’t tuned out already), I’m not gonna bang on about how cool they are together, although obviously they are very cool.

Instead I’d like to make a point about change and adaptability, a facet of life that humans are often ill-prepared to handle.

It can be massive things in life, the death of a loved-one, bankruptcy, a life-changing accident.

Or maybe it’s just the little things that throw us all from our daily stride. Just slight quirky…

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