POEMS: “The real secret” (about pain and loneliness)


“The Real Secret”

The pain of loneliness, hurt and fear.
Feeling disconnected from the world.
All emotions we wish we never had
But most of us, at sometime in our lives, end up in such a state.
We are not always sure how we got there
we don’t know how long we are going to stay
and most of us don’t know where the next stop is going to be.
The worst part of living in a depressed state
is the feeling that it is unique to yourself.
The human condition seems to allow us to hurtle ourselves
off a cliff of contentment into a chasm of deep emotional hurt.
The real secret to climbing out of such depths
and up the steep, almost impossible walls,
is to know that we are not alone.
We need to open our hearts and share our tears with family and friends.
We need to open our hearts and allow a greater Spirit to
lift us from the depths of sadness and despair.

Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999

(Posted with permission from the author)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Bowden says:

    This is such an important message – “we always need to know that we are not alone”! Thank you for sharing this!


  2. Thank you Anita! That’s right, when we feel “separate and alone” it’s an illusion based on our limitations of our physical form. At the soul level is all about inter-connectedness and Oneness. Assistance and guidance is always available to us in a heartbeat 🙂


  3. Sometimes, we have to go through difficult times to realize that we need to trust more…


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