INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “Reach out” by Margaret Jang

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“Reach Out”

Reach out to embrace what is seen all around you,

feel this in your heart, then express what you must do.

For each has a special purpose that we all come to share,

to give guidance or nurture or just show you truly care.

Reach out to be blessed with universal gifts,

for as you receive these, you will feel an emotional shift.

Your heart will open up to let go of all constraints,

along with your ego and magically all complaints.

Reach out to learn knowledge from the higher realms,

it’s time to step back to release your hold from the helm.

For infinite wisdom is reached through a deeper source,

and with this comes peace with contented joy, of course,

Reach out to teach the wisdom that you already know,

teach about balance in the evolutionary flow.

For your participation is a gift you’re able to share,

a valued contribution that cannot be compared.

Reach out to share your love, plus your deep concern,

toward the world, proving what hasn’t yet been learned.

Together we can strive to make this world a better place,

with balance and harmony for the entire human race.

Reach out to show that you understand or have learned,

how to be non-judgmental or what you now discern.

“What is good from bad or even right from wrong?”

Just hear the beat within to hear your special song.

Reach out to others and then cast your light out wide,

there is nothing to fear, so please don’t run and hide.

Show strength with integrity and let others see this too.

For what is more precious than reaching out in all you do?

© Margaret I. Jang

Vancouver, BC

(Posted with permission from the author)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. LindaP says:

    I think being judgemental is one of the hardest things to overcome and change! I battle this daily and will be glad when the Lord comes and then we will become changed in a wink of an eye!


  2. I agree! Sometimes we can hear our own inner chatter going on and on, making assumptions, labeling, categorizing, judging. It’s a daily task to tame what they call the “monkey mind”…


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