POEMS: “An inspiration to All”


An Inspiration to All

The light in your eyes that shines so bright,
is strong and so pure with sparkling insight.
It shines like a beacon to draw others near,
as they listen and learn from the wisdom they hear.

Without any question, as you teach and protect,
the impact you make will cause an effect.
Others will sense changes drawing near,
for what they believe or what they hold dear.

As compassion and goodness flow from your heart,
every lesson learned provides a fresh start.
To those who feel lost, or scared, or just stalled,
the peace this creates is inspiring to all.

The qualities you share with all you behold,
brings purpose and meaning to each passing soul.
Although you may think you play a small part,
any difference achieved is an important start.

Now it is time to review what you’ve done,
and feel proud and secure that you are the one.
Who is ready and willing to always receive,
knowledge and wisdom that helps others achieve.

And your contribution in this lifetime has helped,
to open awareness for subtle energies felt.
You’re a shining example…..an inspiration to all,
and your soul, in this lifetime, has answered its call.

Margaret Jang

(Posted with permission from the author)

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. LindaP says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful!


  2. Thank you Linda for your own light and the inspiration you are! Love, Amira 🙂


  3. Habiba says:

    Amazing! I feel refreshed reading this piece.


  4. Oh that is so beautiful to hear dear Habiba! Thank you and keep inspired 🙂 Amira


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