POEMS by Didi: (re-blogged) “Fading memory, losing life – Alzheimer”…

Didi's Art Design

Foundation of life
Slowly crumbles away
Withdraws without traces.

Mind returns to the past
Loses present connections
Stumbles on old pathes

Leaves of memories
Fall down, off its stem
Source of life runs dry

My tears accompany all people
Who drown in the sea of Alzheimer
Whose mind slowly say: Good bye life
Flight of millions impressions
Like birds slowly disappear
At the horizon…

Yet the heart is bright
Like sparkling stars
Embraced by God’s love
Finding its way back home

DidiArtist 28.05.2017

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  1. Beautiful words so well composed by Didi and Alzheimers is like where u don’t know whether u exist or not

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  2. I agree, Didi has found the right words to express the essence of such a challenging disease in this poem… for those who suffer in silence as well as for their families that must witness the day to day changes…

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