SPIRITUAL POEMS: “To reach Pure Bliss” by Margaret Jang


To Reach Pure Bliss

Your cries are heard within your heart –
which way to go, which way to start?
Do not despair, be brave, be strong,
your light will shine – it won’t be long.

Fear is created from a thought –
of what you have or haven’t got.
Stopping the progress of your soul,
preventing you from reaching goals.

Do not let this fear creep in,
just listen to your voice within.
In times when you cannot decide
if you should go, stay or hide.

If you have reached a point in time,
where roads are rocky and they wind.
Just return to a straighter course,
you must have faith in a greater force.

Close your eyes and just relax,
look at options; look at each path.
The path you now, already know,
will not bring joy, for you won’t grow.

The path for you to look at now,
is unfamiliar to you somehow.
But the light which shines upon the way,
will bring you comfort and joy each day.

You ask the question why this must be –
well, this is part of reality.
These are lessons you must learn,
to come home, to return.

And if you follow your heart’s desire,
before it’s time for your body to expire.
You will be blessed with so many gifts,
connecting you to realms of pure bliss.

Margaret Jang

Posted with permission from the author

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Words of wisdom so beautifully composed, Margaret and for sure to return home that is our true goal. Lovely poem.


  2. Thank you dear friend! I will let the author know about your beautiful comments! I find her poetry so inspirational and I am glad to hear it touched you the same way 🙂 Amira


  3. LindaP says:

    Touching and beautiful!


  4. Thank you Linda! Sending you my love, Amira


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