PET POEMS: “Poor little pup”


Poor Little Pup

Poor little pup
dumped at night
that’s enough to
cause some fright.
Left in a run
behind the pound
waiting for someone
to come around…
Spent 3 days
in a concrete run
thought for sure
her life was done.
Thanks to rescue –
people who cared
her little life
was finally spared.

Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter


(Posted with permission from the author)

About Patricia Walter:

Patricia is the owner/webmaster of A Poet’s Corner. She has written a large number of poems which she often illustrates with her paintings and graphics.

She has another website at:



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful and so sad but atleast this little pup found a nice house.


  2. So true! There are many heroes that we never hear much about, quietly saving animals, lives, the environment, sharing kindness and love, and making our world a better place! I share your sentiments 🙂


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