INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “Ray of hope” by Margaret Jang


Ray of Hope

When you need a lift in order to cope,
you might be given a ray of hope.
Maybe you’ll see this in different ways,
through colours or shapes on display.

A bed of tulips looking cheery bright,
have the power to make you feel just right.
With bobbing heads dancing in the breeze,
they can make you feel at peace with ease.

Combining colours of red, orange and pink,
a ray of hope that’s completely linked.
To give your spirit a natural lift,
this ray of hope is nature’s gift.

So take some time to gaze around,
a ray of hope imbedded in sounds.
Through birds chirping their morning song,
inviting you to sing along.

The mountain beyond the clear blue sky,
is a ray of hope standing high.
With strength and courage at its peak,
it’s ray of hope is what you seek.

 Author Margaret Jang  (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

(Published with permission from the author)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Excellent rhyming words so well composed. Lovely poem and its rays of flowers.


  2. Thank you dear friend! I also found this poem puts a smile on my face 🙂
    Wishing you “rays of hope, color and light” to you , Amira


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